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Expanding Tube and Pipe to Expand Your Business!

One of our mainstays in helping our tube and pipe fabricator clientele is when they need to expand or end form pipe or round tube. We pride ourselves on making this easy for our customers.  We get calls from many different industries… Many areas within manufacturing… examples include greenhouse, tent and carport manufacturers… HVAC, construction, sporting goods to name just a few.

Tremendous Variety of Materials: Working with tubing up to 11 gauge or 1/8 inch wall?  Mild steel, stainless, or other metals?  With solid tool expansion, we can even help you expand sched 40 pipe. We have a lot of various industry experience to help our customers achieve their aims successfully.

Watch the 1674/1674V in action!

Small to Really Big Diameter Expansions: Our single-head expander machines come standard with the tooling to do 1 1/2 inch expansions. We often speak with tube and pipe fabricators who want to know the most cost effective methods to work with larger tubing… 3 1/2 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch and bigger! If you really need to “go big”, our 1674V version tips the cylinders up vertically. This orientation has two main benefits.  One, many fabricators like working this way, in essence using gravity to hold the part against the expander head. The second benefit is that you can use larger segment sets, and get wider expansions this way. We have customers expanding to 12 inches working like this! All of these achieve their results with segmented expanding tools.

Thicker material: For thicker materials, we typically recommend solid tool expanding. This is done by driving a solid tool swage die into the pipe to achieve the targeted result.

Depth of Expansion: 2 inch depth, or 5 inch? All of these can be accommodated with off-the-shelf tooling.  We also handle a lot of special requests with custom solutions.

We help our customers with nearly any conceivable expansion need. Bigger diameters, deeper expansions, different materials… Our standard expander line up, featuring 3 1/2 inch to 5 inch bore hydraulic cylinders giving you up to 49K lbs of expanding power, and tooling cover the majority of the requests we get. Our simplest machines feature a single expander head in a benchtop or wheel-cart format (Models 1690, 1691), WATCH VIDEO- Expanding Up To 5 1/2 inches, with tooling included at a very reasonable price. The workhorse machines for a wide variety of segment tool expansions are our dual headed expanders in the 1674 line. Our normal 1674 comes with 2 standard cylinders, one that can handle up to 6 inch expansions. For thicker materials or deeper expansions, solid tool expansion can be done with our 1673 expander-swager-reducer.

Check out the 1673 Video

Our aim is to help fabricators get great results. Whether you need a standard machine and tooling, custom tooling or even custom machinery, we would be very happy to help you! If you have any thoughts for us on this, please call us at 800-558-7808!