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Get The Broadest Range Of Expansions And $500 In Free Tooling…Last Chance

Many tube and pipe fabricators work on a broad range of tube/pipe diameters. To make this work easier, we created two different models of dual-headed expanders, the 1674 and 1674V.

Watch the 1674/1674V in action



A 3 ½ inch and a 5 inch cylinder are standard equipment on our popular 1674 unit, allowing you to expand tubes as small as 1 inch up to 6 inches with standard tooling. 25,000 and 49,000 lbs. of expanding force (respectively) gives you plenty of power to handle steel, aluminum, copper… even stainless.

Having two different diameter expander tools set up at the same time can eliminate tool changes, and allow quick transitions between operations. These machines have a small footprint, so they fit easily into a shop or manufacturing cell environment.

The newer 1674V Expander has two expanding cylinders mounted vertically. This orientation has two sets of benefits. One, many fabricators like working this way, in essence using gravity to hold the part against the expander head. The second benefit is that you can use larger segment sets, and get wider expansions. We have made this as a custom machine for the last few years, and we have customers expanding up to 12 inches this way!

In addition, this model comes with a new, larger oil tank. The 4-gallon capacity lets you work harder and longer by running cool throughout your production day.

As with all Huth Expander machines, it is easy to use! It comes with Huth’s Accu-Sizer™ system for quick, precise expanding.

While tooling is sold separately, expander tooling through 6” is readily available from stock. The 1674V can expand to 12” with appropriate custom tooling. We can create custom tooling for nearly any end forming application, and a broad range of expansions and end form shapes.

Keep in mind we can customize machines and tooling to meet your needs.

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