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New Fab Packs™ give you the tooling you need to bend a tube or pipe size

New Fab Packs™ give you the tooling you need to bend a tube or pipe size… Get One FREE!

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New Fab Packs™ contain bending dies and back shoes for commonly used pipe and tube material by manufacturers, including square, round, schedule pipe and EMT conduit.


Huth tooling is entirely made in America, is machined to specific tolerances and it is heat carburized to assure an extra-long working life. Most common tooling needed by shops or manufacturing fabricators is kept in stock for immediate availability.

Typically, fabricators in small manufacturing plants focus their work on a few tube or pipe sizes. By purchasing a Fab Pack™, a fabricator has what he needs bending a given tube size.

Fab Packs™ are designed around the most common tube, pipe, square, or solid sizes to give fabricators ready bending capabilities. Sizes include Schedule 40 pipe (¾” to 2”), Square Tube (1” to 2 ½”), EMT conduit and 1”, 1 ¼” Round Tube.

Not only do these Fab Packs™ give operators an outstanding value, but they make ordering easy… all you have to know is the material you are working with!

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