Tube/Pipe Bending And End Forming For Sporting, ATV And Recreational Activities

Tube/Pipe Bending and End Forming for Sporting, ATV and Recreational Activities


Huth benders and end forming machines can help you create the uniquely formed tubes and pipes that make up the bulk of the outdoor recreation equipment in use today. Pipe and tube bending is the backbone of the multi-billion dollar recreation industry, and Huth benders are instrumental in helping you create quality products that last.

Huth benders have the capacity to bend round and square tube stock up to 3 inches. Huth also offers machines with complete end-forming capabilities, which can also be included with our benders. The versatility to bend and form a wide variety of materials makes our benders excellent machines for your production, prototyping and manufacturing purposes. Huth benders and end-forming machines can bend and form steel, stainless steel and aluminum, in varying wall thicknesses, and even solid stock.

 People are always looking for the latest equipment for workouts, or to take on the toughest trails in their recreation and off-road vehicles. Huth bend and end-form machines can help fabricate pipes and tubes for:

  • Bicycle frames
  • Playground equipment
  • Weight-lifting equipment
  • Soccer and hockey goals
  • Swing sets
  • Boat lifts
  • Luggage racks
  • Park benches
  • Shade structures
  • Trampolines
  • Automotive side steps
  • Hunting blinds and ice tent framing
  • Suspension components
  • Ski lift chairs

And more! What else do your customers need? The possibilities are only limited by what you can dream up.

Huth Tube/Pipe Benders and End Formers provide:

  • Heavy duty Reducer/Expander for complete end-finishing capabilities – 1 inch to 3 inch tubing on the reducing end, and 1 inch to 5 ½ inch tubing on the expander end;
  • Rugged I-beam construction;
  • High speed option for 25 percent faster bending – faster bending means more production;
  • Exclusive safety guard package;
  • 220V, 60 Hz operation. Single phase or 3-phase. Other voltages and 50 Hz available to match your needs;
  • Custom made tooling to fit the needs of your production and prototyping business!

Pitching Screen | betterbaseball.com

Pipe Bending Machines Hit a Homerun with Better Baseball

Our client Better Baseball was impressed with the ease of use and reliability of our bending and end forming equipment. Based in Georgia, Better Baseball manufactures a wide variety of equipment for the baseball industry. As a manufacturer of their own name brand equipment, and as a retailer of baseball equipment, Better Baseball relies on Huth benders and end forming machines to help their business stay at the top of the roster.

“Huth’s equipment is very dependable and durable. Our profits increase when we can count on your machine.” – Glenn, Better Baseball

Huth machines’ abilities to bend and form tube and pipe help in the manufacture of such baseball equipment as pitching screens and portable backstops. When your business can rely on your machinery for the production of consistently quality products, you can rest assured that sales will remain steady.

If you’re looking to increase sales, the Performance Automotive Market is an area to consider. “Street performance” – mechanics enhancing performance characteristics of the vehicle for use on the street is growing. This is a segment that makes great use of Huth benders to do exhaust upgrades without breaking the bank. Benders can also be used for enhancements for Off-Road, Light truck, Restoration, Compact Performance, Street Rod, Custom, Re-styling and Racing vehicles. Whatever you drive or race, Huth machines’ capabilities and reliability will help you be competitive in your market.

Customizable Tube/Pipe Benders and End forming Machines for Countless Applications

Huth Ben Pearson offers affordable and fully customizable bending and end forming equipment. We can take your spec measurements and create custom tooling designs for your business.

Need something bigger or smaller than what’s in stock? We can make it for you! We can build you Custom Tools in as little as 4-5 weeks!

We love helping tube fabricators in our custom tooling department. Call and we’ll talk about how to bring your idea to life!