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Industries Served:

The industry leader in automotive exhaust bending is also your top choice for other transportation bending needs. Our benders are at home in the racing world for roll cages/bars. Our benders also can help you build impressive custom boat trailers.

Industrties we serve

Automotive Exhaust

Bend larger copper tubes and heater coils as well as galvanized steel.

Automotive/Cart Frames and Racing/Roll Bars

Handle up to 2” schedule 80 pipe

Boating and Accessories

Build custom racking easily


Custom trailer solutions

Huth 1673 Tube & Pipe Expander, Reducer, Swager


1685S Mitey Mate


Essentials™ Package – HB 05 With 023 Die Package


HB-10 Bender with 028 Die Package Included