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Huth Meets The Demands Of The Ag Industry

Customizable Pipe Benders and End Formers to Meet the Demands of the Agriculture Industry

A pipe bender isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when we think about what drives the agriculture industry. We might think of the giant planters crawling through the fields sowing the seeds of different crops. Some of us in the Midwest can even picture those fields full of green, leafy rows running as far as the eye can see.

Without the use of custom-made pipe benders, tube benders and end expanders, state-of-the-art farm equipment wouldn’t be able to deposit those seeds, and we might still be planting by hand.

Some of the world’s top manufacturers of seeding equipment know the importance of pipe benders and end formers, whether custom made or off the shelf. These companies have employed Huth Ben-Pearson benders and expanders in the production of their industry leading machinery.

Pipe Benders Drive the Industry

While planting crops is a major part of the very large agriculture industry, it’s not the whole picture. From small to large-scale farms there are hundreds of tasks utilizing dozens of specialized tools. Whatever aspect of the industry you’re an expert at, chances are there is a need to bend pipes and tubes or expand or reduce ends. 

Our customers have utilized our bending and end forming machines for hundreds of applications, including:

  • Fencing
  • Direct Oral Feeding Systems
  • Stanchions
  • Structure Framing
  • Bale Feeders
  • Saddle Racks
  • Irrigation
  • Trailers and Hauling Equipment

Whatever your purpose for tube and pipe fabrication may be, you want your parts to come out precise and consistent every time.

What sets us apart is not only our full line of standard machines and tooling but that our machines are also fully customizable. We can offer a solution to almost any problem when it comes to tube and pipe fabrication.

Custom End Forming Proves Consistent in New Production

Bio-Vet is a leader in the agriculture industry focusing on the research and manufacturing of direct fed microbial (probiotics) products for livestock. They offer a full line of capsules, boluses, pastes, soluble powders, calf and cattle electrolytes and daily feed additives.

When creating the prototype for a brand new, one of a kind balling gun that would assist farmers in feeding these microbial supplements to livestock, Bio-Vet’s Mechanical Fabrication Engineer, Kelly Shauf, approached us with a problem - he needed to form the stainless steel to fabricate the balling gun.

“I went through a few more prototypes. I was not completely comfortable with the design so I went on line and looked up the Huth tube and end forming machine for capabilities and ideas. With the videos and tooling they displayed it turned my project around. I pretty much immediately knew what I needed.”

Kelly had previous experience with the Huth Ben-Pearson machinery after a friend formed an automobile exhaust for him in his shop with one of our benders. “I was able to watch him make my pipe as he explained to me what the machine could do. I was very impressed.”

Kelly sent us the specs of the part he was trying to produce for the balling gun and we were able to supply Bio-Vet with off the shelf and custom end forming tooling.

“Discussing my plan with the Huth engineer he was able to design and build the tooling I needed in a very short amount of time.”

Many times we are able to design and deliver custom tooling from anywhere between ten weeks to four months. For minor custom work we can even have the tooling delivered in five to seven weeks. In Bio-Vet’s case the specs they supplied us with made it possible for a quick turnaround, and they were up and running in just a few weeks.

“That custom segment you made for me works perfectly. We launched the product’s production, and after about 10 minutes of me dialing in the machine, I got it up and running and my guys are out there right now knocking out parts as we speak.”

Helping You Succeed in a Diverse Industry

No job is too big or too small for our bending and forming equipment to help agricultural suppliers succeed. One of our clients in the agriculture industry utilizes our pipe bending equipment to fabricate the handrails that keep farmers safe on their machinery. They put our model 1673 tube expander/reducer to work to expand and swage various tubes in different parts of their assemblies.

Whether you’re in the market for standard pipe benders or end formers or need a custom-built solution for your needs, we can help. Contact us today or give us a call at 800.558.7808.