985 Rod Bracket Bender

Rod Bracket Bender

VIDEO: Watch the 985 Rod Bracket Bender in action with this 1-minute video demonstration!

Bend Your Own Brackets

We suggest you BYOB (bend your own brackets)! Bending your own exhaust pipes is fast, easy, and simple. Stop throwing away your profit margin and take the job in-house!

The Huth 985 Rod Bracket Bender is the ideal addition to your Huth Bender (and it works with all Huth machines)! 

Install the Huth 985 on the expander of your Huth Bender, and it will pay for itself in no time! The Huth 985 allows you to produce muffler hanger brackets from material as large as ½” diameter round and/or ¼” x 1” flat! That’s a lot of capacity for a small, affordable accessory.

Even specialty shops can quickly get the benefits of bending their own brackets to hang any size exhaust tube. Muffler hanger bracket production has never been easier! Heed the call to DIY and save money now.

For Non-Automotive, Manufacturing And Fabrication

The 985 Rod Bracket Bender is great for bending steel rods up to ½”, thick wires, and metal straps. It is ideal for quickly and easily producing hooks, rods, and decorative pieces.

If you’re considering the Huth 985 Rod Bracket Bender, reach out today! Our team will be more than happy to discuss this add-on that can do an outsized job when paired with your Huth bender model!

Specifications, features, and product designs are subject to change; please confirm before ordering.

Specifications, features and product designs are subject to change: please confirm before ordering.