Ben Pearson 3012 360-Degree Tube Bender

3012 Bender


  • The Huth-Ben Pearson 3012 tube bending machine lets you completely bend around dies on the same centerline because the main cylinder is recessed below the bending plane. 
  • The machine uses high-quality Ben Pearson tooling.
  • The Ben Pearson 3012 has easy-to-use manual knee pedal control and user-friendly push-button control.
  • Get the bend you want with the automatic depth-of-bend selector.
  • The Ben Pearson 3012 has 58,000 lbs. of bending force—more than enough to bend 3” tubing and pipe.
  • The machine features an agricultural main cylinder.
  • Stay organized with a deluxe tool tray and mobile front swivel casters without brakes.
  • Features a heavy-duty swager/expander. High-voltage and high-speed options are available.
  • The 3012 has 220-volt 60HZ operation; other voltages and frequencies available.
  • * Single phase req. 30 amp service.
  • * Three-phase req. 20 amp service.
  • Tooling and dies are available and sold separately.

Get 360 Degrees of Capacity with the Model 3012

Bring your operations “full circle” with the Ben Pearson 3012. The Ben Pearson Model 3012 is designed to allow you to bend completely around the bending dies on the same centerline – creating smooth, clean bends. Three hundred sixty degrees of pipe and tube bending capacity allow you to do more—expand your capacity, develop new products, and increase production. 

The Ben Pearson 3012 360-degree tube bender has the convenience of a knee pedal control. It’s user-friendly, with automatic push buttons. The reduced-size control panel allows the bending machine operator to get close to the work area for greater precision and less fatigue on the line.

The 3012 has the Smart Automatic Mode feature with adjustable return-to-home position control. The unique, time-saving feature helps you increase efficiency with fast, easy, smooth transitions between multiple bends. When the machine is in automatic mode, the automatic depth-of-bend selector gives you precise bending control with an easy-to-read and adjust depth-of-bend plate.

As powerful as it is versatile, the Ben Pearson Model 3012 360-degree tubing bender comes with a 5-horsepower motor and provides an impressive 58,000 lbs. of bending force. Bend stainless steel, square tube, carbon steel, and other raw materials with this pipe bending machine. 

Enjoy the complete end-finishing capacity of the heavy-duty swager/expander. The swager end accommodates 1” to 3” tubing. The expander end allows for expansions from 1-1/4” to 4”.   With the bull’s-eye expanding system, you can dial in precise expansions every time.

The 3012 bender uses reliable, high-quality Ben Pearson tooling—choose the tooling package that best fits your needs. Explore the bending dies also available for square tooling. Dies are purchased separately.

If you're looking for a well-rounded pipe and tube bending option, the 3012 bender with 360-degree bend capacity will help you achieve more! This reliable machine is easy to use, move, and ready to go every time. Reach out today to learn more about the Ben Pearson 3012.

Model 3012 Tooling, Parts, and Related Downloads

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