2008 Bender



  • Easy-to–use manual knee pedal control
  • Push button control
  • Automatic Depth-Of-Bend selector
  • Auxiliary on/off switch
  • 58,000 LBS of bending force. Enough for 3” tubing
  • Agricultural Main Cylinder
  • Swager tray
  • Deluxe tool tray
  • Heavy duty Swager/Expander
  • Rugged I-Beam construction
  • Exclusive safety guard package
  • Front swivel casters w/o brakes
  • 220 volt, 60HZ operation
    *Single phase req. 30 amp service
    *Three phase req. 20 amp service
  • High voltage and high speed options available
  • Tooling Not Included

Model 2008 is designed for high volume shops that need quick, precise, bending and end finishing.

The 2008 offers the convenience of a knee pedal control and a reduced size control panel. This allows the operator to get closer to the work area for more precision and less fatigue.

The Smart Automatic Mode features an adjustable return-to–home position control. This unique, timesaving feature increases efficiency by assuring fast and easy transitions between multiple bends.

Model 2008 comes with a 5 horse power motor and provides 58,000 LBS of bending force. An optional 7 ½ horse power motor is available for 25% faster bending.

In the automatic mode, the automatic depth-of-bend selector ensures precise bending control through the use of an easy-to-read, easy-to-adjust depth of bend plate.

The heavy duty swager/expander gives you complete end finishing capabilities. The swager end accommodates 1" to 3" tubing. The expander end allows for expansions from 1” to 5 ½”. With Huth’s Accu-Sizer bull’s-eye expanding system, you can dial in precise expansions every time.

The 2008 bender is available with your choice of tooling packages.  

*Shown with optional Ready Rak II and 028 Die Pkg.