2600 Heavy Duty Bender

2600 Heavy Duty Bender


  • 85,000 lbs. of heavy-duty bending force and a 7 ½ HP motor.
  • Reinforced bending gates and frame with an elevated center of bend.
  • Large volume reservoir.
  • Heavy-duty swager and expander for end forming.
  • Easy to use ergonomically designed knee control for forward and reverse, and user-friendly push-button controls.
  • Features an automatic depth-of-bend selector.
  • Rugged I-beam construction withstands heavy operation.
  • Includes bending die retainer and exclusive safety guard package.
  • Easy movement with front swivel casters (without brakes).
  • 220 volt, 60-hz operation; other voltages and frequencies available.
  • * Single-phase req. 50-amp service
  • * Three-phase req. 30-amp service
  • A high-voltage option is also available.

Heavy-Duty Capacity with the Huth 2600

Need to do some heavy-duty work? Rely on the Huth 2600 heavy-duty pipe and tube bender to achieve more. Our 2600 is specifically manufactured to work with heavier materials. It easily bends 3” 11-gauge tubing and even bends up to 2” OD solid bar and 2” Nominal Schedule 40 pipe (2.375-inch OD)!

The Huth 2600 heavy-duty pipe bender also meets the same industry standards set by all Huth bender models and machinery. You'll get the precise bends and end-finishing you want every time you use the heavy-duty pipe bender.

How much power are we talking about? The Huth 2600 provides a whopping 85,000 lbs. of tube bending force. Our other standard duty models produce about 58,000 lbs. of force—which is still an impressive amount of bending oomph.

The Huth 2600 includes a 7 ½ HP motor to give it plenty of power. With the Huth 2600, you can make a 90-degree bend in a 3" tube in about 16 seconds using the automatic mode! That's fast, efficient, and strong!

We've ergonomically designed the knee control to allow accessible tube location and securing of the tube with operator hands-free control. The machine is invaluable for prototyping. Like all Huth benders, the machine is ideal for repeatable bends and high capacity. An HD bender allows you to bend heavier tubes as easily as lighter-weight materials. 

The Huth pipe bender 2600 also features the smart automatic mode with an adjustable return-to-home position control. You'll enjoy fast, uncomplicated, easy transitions between multiple bends. It's a real time saver and will help increase the efficiency of your entire production team.

Use the automatic depth-of-bend selector for precise bending control with an easy-to-read and adjustable depth-of-bend plate. The Huth 2600 helps ensure that each bend is accurate and repeatable time and time again.

The swager/expander provides complete end-finishing capabilities. The swager end accommodates 1" to 3" tubing. The expander end has an expansion capacity from 1" to 5 ½". With the Huth Accu-Sizer expanding system, you can dial in bulls-eye precise expansions.

The Control Wrinkle Die 5531 is now available for the model 2600, allowing you to bend 304 stainless steel up to 3” OD. If you need heavy-duty bending capacity, look no further than the Huth 2600 Heavy-Duty Pipe Bender. You'll be able to maximize your output capacity, even on the toughest materials! Reach out today to learn more about the Huth 2600 from Huth-Ben Pearson International. 

* Available without swager/expander – Model 2601

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