Huth 1673 Tube & Pipe Expander, Reducer, Swager

1673 Expander/Reducer


Think the Huth 1673 might be right for your shop? Explore the specs below.

  • 1673 features a 5 HP Motor, single-phase (30 amp), or three-phase (20-amp).
  • The pipe reducer/expander runs on a 220-volt, 60 Hz supply—50 Hz and other voltages available.
  • The Huth 1673 offers 25,000 pounds of expanding power.
  • Features a 3-1/2" cylinder.
  • The 1673 machine has tube and pipe expanding capacity from 1" to 5-1/2".
  • The AccuSizer helps ensure precise, consistent expansion and reduction. 
  • Features part 41047—an adjustable collar for expanding 1" piping or tubing to 3-1/2".
  • Has part 891—collet holder for 1" to 2-1/2" O.D. tubing.
  • The 1673 has pipe and tube swaging capacity from 1" to 3".
  • It’s easy to move with front swivel casters.
  • Features a convenient 15' power cord.
  • The compact design won’t take up valuable shop floor space—40" high, 37" long, and 24" wide.

Huth 1673 Tube & Pipe Expander, Reducer, Swager

Expanding and reducing pipe and tube is a tough job. Fortunately, the Huth 1673 is up to the task!

Mounted on its own easy-wheeling cart, Huth’s Model 1673 portable tube and pipe expander will give you versatility and reliability from anywhere in your shop. Form ball joints, slip joints, flares, and flanges on tube and pipe. Perform doming and reducing to ensure your pipes fit and connect. 

The Huth 1673 is ideal for many different applications, from gating and fencing fabrication to agricultural applications, electrical conduits, light mounting, and more. The Huth 1673 is excellent for flagpole manufacturers, tent and carport frames, and plenty of other tubing and pipe jobs.

Create one-of-a-kind finishes or reliably create repeated precision end finishes in piping and tubes again and again.

To see the Huth 1673 pipe expander, reducer, and swager in action, check out the demonstration video below.

Huth 1673 Demonstration Video

What Can the Huth 1673 Handle?

With a 5 HP motor, the Huth 1673 has 25,000 lbs of expanding power. The AccuSizer system allows you to get precise expansions.

The compact design of the Huth 1673 doesn't require a lot of floor space in your shop, but the output makes a world of difference. With the Huth 1673, you can:

  • Create flares and flanges: 45-degree or a flat 90-degree.
  • Perform tube and pipe reduction.
  • Use the swage die to enlarge the end diameter of tubes and pipes.
  • Create female and male ball joints.
  • Get precision sizing time and time again with the AccuSizer.

If you’re considering the Huth 1673, reach out today. Our friendly and helpful team can help you decide if this pipe reducing and expanding machine is the right fit for your application.