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Huth Tubing Benders: Superheroes for Reliable Structural Frames

Looking to bend steel like Superman? Our structural tubing benders increase your structural frame production with super-hero-level results.

Here’s why Huth Ben Pearson fabrication benders are the unrivaled structural frame-bending hero for greenhouses, carports, small buildings, and more!

When you’re in the business of building structures that protect people’s assets, you want your construction to be tough, reliable, and consistent. That’s why our customers trust our tubing and pipe benders, especially when their reputation is built on the reliability of their structures. Let Huth Ben Pearson be your tubing bender superhero.

A Huth frame tubing bender in the process of bending square steel tubing. The bender machinery is orange and built of solid materials to create precision bends in the square frame tubing.

Why It’s Important to Invest in a Frame Tubing Bender You Can Trust

Wondering why it's important to choose a tubing bender manufacturer you can trust? It's all about efficiency, consistency, and the reliability of our products. We've been building pipe benders in Wisconsin at Huth Ben Pearson International, LLC for over 40 years. We have a reputation that you can rely on, and we know your own reputation depends on us.  

Our structural frame tubing benders make it easy to create square, rectangular, or round tubing-based structures. Our machinery works quickly, safely, and efficiently, helping you increase your output and team production.

Below, you can see one of our tubing benders at work on a piece of square tubing. Huth Ben Pearson benders can help you build a wide variety of portable structures, from carports to greenhouses to outdoor tents and small buildings.

Tube Benders at Work

How Long Does It Take to Bend a Structural Frame?

Our Huth tube benders can make a structural frame bend in under 30 seconds without a fuss—how’s that for superhero results?! Compression bending, as seen in the video above, is ideal for structure frames. Our compression benders deliver high-quality, quick output that’s easy to precisely replicate each time—exactly what you need when building symmetrical structures and products.

When your business is built on the reliability of your tube-based structures, you need to produce products fast and reliably without needing adjustments, corrections, welding, or repairs. Each step in the process results in time lost to a job that could have been done right the first time around.

Huth’s tubing and pipe benders outperform the competition and other products on the market. We deliver exactly what you need (in a way that a roll bender or DIY bending solution simply can't). Whether you're manufacturing RV metal covers, portable storage sheds, garages, or carport frames, you can significantly increase your performance and, thus, revenue with a Huth tubing bender.

An in-house tubing bender beats outsourcing your frame bending, hands down. If you’re outsourcing frame bending, you know all about unpredictable timelines, increasing costs, and a lack of control over production. These “hassles” can become major problems that can take a significant bite out of your bottom line. If you can produce your bends in-house, you can ensure that each component is built to your standards. An in-house bender can also help you quickly respond to the needs of your customers seeking custom builds.

The Value of a Huth Steel Tubing Bender

Choosing a Huth frame tubing bender makes an outsized difference to your business. Here’s what you can expect from choosing a Huth bender for your in-house production:

Flexibility: Bend building or carport frame tubing to fit custom measurements. Expand your product line and meet customer requests without the need to pay extra or wait longer for a vendor to do it.

Adaptability: Bend square, rectangular, and round tubing with ease. You can use the same bender for many different tubing shapes, and even flat stock and solid bar.

Reliability: Huth frame bending products are the best in the business. We allow you to produce the highest quality pieces for your frame with precision bends every time, down to the degree.

Speed: Enjoy full control over your production speed with a bender made for your product type. Your line can knock out individual bends in well under 30 seconds, delivering products to customers faster and cutting out the time spent negotiating with third-party vendors.

Cost Control: Reduce inefficiencies and maintain low costs by keeping carport and greenhouse square tubing and frame tubing in-house in your own inventory. Save money by creating bends that are accurate and precise the first time.

ROI: With the right tools in-house, you’ll produce higher quality products faster, easier, and more efficiently. A Huth bender can help you create small portable building and carport frames and will last for decades, delivering consistent tube bending. Help your business grow with a Huth bender.

What Can You Make with a Steel Tubing Bender?

Steel frame bending isn’t limited to just carports (or just steel). Our customers come from a wide range of industries covering a huge variety of products. What you can build with a Huth tubing bender may surprise you!

Huth tubing benders work with many different materials:

And Huth steel tubing benders can help create a wide variety of products:

  • Carports
  • Steel buildings
  • A-frame storage
  • RV metal covers
  • Clear span buildings
  • Utility sheds
  • Workshops
  • Barns
  • Hunting blinds
  • Greenhouses
  • Agricultural buildings

But that's certainly not the limit! If you have an idea, reach out, and we can help you explore what else our tube benders can create. Explore our top fabricating solutions to see what we can do for you.

With Huth's structural frame benders, the sky is truly the limit. You can make many different portable structures in-house. Build your most popular products better or create custom products for your clients. A Huth bender gives you control over your output and allows you to explore the possibilities. Contact us with any questions, and we'll help you save the day with perfect solutions.