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Huth Tube and Pipe Fabrication

Helping fabricators succeed


  • American made. Built by experienced masters.
  • Rugged I-beam construction. Tough as hell. Lasts decades.

For manufacturers who build with tube or pipe, we have the handiest, most affordable bending and end forming equipment and tooling to help you succeed.

car port
picnic table
pole building
soccer goal
tractor and wagon
watercraft trailer

Pipe Bending for Thousands of Applications

The value of portable, affordable pipe benders was quickly evident when Huth first introduced them. With a Huth bender, it is not necessary to keep a variety of pre-bent pipes in inventory. With a few sizes of straight tubing on hand, you can quickly bend pipes for thousands of applications.

A Heritage of Durability, Power and Ease of Operation

Huth benders and end formers  have been made in Wisconsin for the last 35 years. A favorite among both automotive shop and manufacturing fabricators, Huth Ben Pearson compression pipe benders are extremely powerful and versatile, as well as easy to use. And, they last a really long time. Customers commonly use them profitably and successfully for 25 plus years.