At Huth-Ben Pearson, We Make Automotive Tubing Benders that Make Performance “Go!”

The performance auto industry is all about speed and power. After all, what's a performance vehicle without, well…the performance?

But as any automotive enthusiast knows, underneath that gorgeous custom paint job on the slickest of performance vehicles are precision components. Everything must be exact from the exhaust to the frame, and it's in that specificity that a top-of-the-line automotive tubing bender makes all the difference.

The Many Uses of an Automotive Tubing Bender 

It's the precision part-making that really makes a vehicle take off. Not only are precision components vital for the look and performance, but frames, roll bars, and cages are critical for safety. Wherever there is speed, we all know that safety is the ultimate concern.

Whether it's the roll bar, the exhaust system, or even the engine components, all systems must work together under exacting specifications. There is no margin for error or flexibility in high-performance automotive applications.

Fortunately, Huth-Ben Pearson makes the machines that will help you make those precision bends. A Huth-Ben Pearson tubing bender is a crucial addition to any automotive shop. A tubing bender from Huth-Ben Pearson can handle all your automotive needs, whether custom-building or restoration. Huth-Ben Pearson helps you rediscover the lost art of quality automotive fabrication. 

A Huth-Ben Pearson tubing bender is exceptionally versatile. Despite the term tubing bender, Huth-Ben Pearson benders are capable of bending both pipe and tube. In other words, a Huth-Ben Pearson bender is ideal for any job you need to do in automotive fabrication, from roll cage pipe bending to brake tube and fuel line bending.   

In fact, it might surprise you to discover that some of those “pipes” in automotive applications are actually tubes—for instance, an exhaust pipe. Huth-Ben Pearson benders can handle the full range and mix of materials that contribute to the customization of a performance vehicle. Huth-Ben Pearson tube benders will help you fit and fabricate to perfection!

A Huth-Ben Pearson tubing bender is ideal for automotive tubing. Use our machines for bending roll bar tubing, automotive steel tubing, and automotive exhaust tubing. We carry the best automotive tubing benders for car frame bending and all automotive applications.
If you want to learn more about how a Huth-Ben Pearson tubing bender can increase your automotive fabrication performance, contact us today!


A man in a blue shirt bends a grey automotive pipe using an orange Huth-Ben Pearson tubing bender machine. Above the man, a blue and white classic car front is on a lift inside the automotive shop.

Our clients use Huth-Ben Pearson tube benders for all sorts of automotive fabrication applications—everything from artful custom car jobs like the exhaust work on a ’55 Chevy. The same piece of Huth-Ben Pearson equipment also makes a sport bar or a roll cage for a Jeep. Pretty cool, huh? 

Huth-Ben Pearson Makes Tubing Benders for the Long Haul 

Performance auto fabrication is about thrills, adventure, and fun. What isn’t so fun is shoddy craftsmanship, especially when it leaves you stuck in the garage, stranded, or worse. Customization and precision require pipe benders that can make copy-bends, tight bends, and precision designs.

That’s why Huth-Ben Pearson tubing benders don’t simply bend pipe and tubes — they offer performance and reliability to make precision bends perfectly. 

Unlike other companies in the automotive fabrication space, Huth-Ben Pearson products won’t break down after a year (even with heavy use). Our machines are built to withstand regular use. Huth-Ben Pearson tubing benders provide years and years of high performance with skillfully engineered design, exacting manufacturing, and ongoing maintenance support and assistance. 

Moreover, Huth-Ben Pearson’s tooling line far exceeds any offerings from the competition. We’ll help you create the automotive build or restoration of your dreams.

We’ve built our reputation since 1958 when Jerry Huth invented the tubing and pipe bender to ease the burden on mechanics who were hand cutting and welding pipe sections and making small bends manually. The explosion of amazing custom auto work is partly thanks to the invention of the Huth-Ben Pearson tubing bender. The quality machines Huth-Ben Pearson produces continue to supply performance automotive buffs and businesses today. 

What Can an Automotive Tube Bender Do? 

  • Automotive frames
  • Cart frames
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Roll bars
  • Roll cages
  • Brush guards
  • Step bumpers 
  • Running boards

Our pipe benders can handle complicated and custom fabrications as well as simple jobs. Huth-Ben Pearson tubing benders can handle virtually any material and any application in the performance automotive industry. We make the auto industry go!

Send us your best Huth-made automotive work—we’d love to see how Huth-Ben Pearson tubing benders have made a difference in your builds.

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