Huth Ben Pearson International gives you the finest in precision tooling for all your bending and end forming needs!

Huth and Ben Pearson Tooling are specially designed to optimize performance with Huth and Ben Pearson bending and end forming machinery, respectively.

All our tooling is machined to specific tolerances from solid steel. After it is machined, it is gas-carburized and oil quenched to a minimum hardness of 58 Rockwell "C" scale. We do not use cast iron for any of our tooling. We keep the vast majority in stock to help you get what you need!

With the right tooling the bending or end forming possibilities are endless!

Die Packages: We combined the tooling you’ll be reaching for most often into comprehensive, convenient die packages. And we make these an unbelievable value for you!

Specialty Bending tooling: For thousands of applications... Controlled wrinkle dies for hard to bend metals like stainless steel, square dies to bend tough square tubing, and dies to bend flat stock … we have the power, the tools and the know-how for what you need to bend or connect!

End forming expanding and swaging tooling help you make anything! Expanders, clamp collets for a sure grip, swage dies to re-shape tube ends, dies to reduce pipe for a handy slip-fits, and ball joint tools that can also flare or dome tube ends. And more!

Custom Tooling: We make tooling to your specifications for sizes not listed on our website. Our customers include leaders in metal fabrication in the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries.

Tooling for competitor’s machines: Tooling to help you get acceptable results from our competitor’s machines. We are committed to helping tube fabricators succeed!

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