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Industrial Pipe Bending

We manufacture machines that serve the manufacturing industry.

Pipe and tube benders perform a tough job in any application, but for industrial pipe bending, they must be particularly robust and reliable. From creating simple bends in plumbing fixtures to engineering complex piping systems for large-scale industrial machinery, pipe benders and end forming machines are crucial machines, and Huth offers high-performance results.

Pipe Bending on an Industrial Scale

Industrial manufacturing is a broad industry—one with a lot of big jobs. Huth-Ben Pearson makes pipe-bending machines to help you bend tubes and pipes easily and accurately with mechanical force for industrial applications.

While industrial manufacturing covers a lot of territory, there are some applications where pipe and tube benders are particularly crucial.

  • Processing Piping Systems: For chemical, petroleum, and food processing, a pipe and tubing bender and end former helps to fabricate complex piping networks that transport raw materials. Run water lines and steel tube for a wide variety of industries. 
  • Structural Frameworks: Many manufacturing facilities need high quality bent pipes and tubes to support equipment, conveyors, and similar structures. Create repeatable bends in metal pipe to ensure structural integrity.
  • Automotive Manufacturing: The automotive and transportation industry relies on Huth bending and end forming machines for precision bends to support exhaust systems, frames, roll cages, and other bent-metal products.
  • HVAC Manufacturing: Almost all commercial and residential HVAC systems require all types of pipe and tube bending or end forming machines to build ductwork and configure unique pipe layouts. 
  • Boilers & Heat Exchanger Manufacturing: Boiler manufacturers need exact end forming performance to form heat transfer components to support the unique capabilities of these often complex systems. 
  • Construction and Infrastructure: Pipe bending and forming machines help shape metal pieces for the structural support of construction projects big and small—pipes, handrails, architectural features, supports, and more. Custom tooling lets you create structural accents and other design elements. 
  • Furniture and Equipment Design: If you’re manufacturing furniture or equipment, pipe bending machines allow you to create unique, ergonomic buildouts and bends in furniture, light fixtures, and other commercial products.
  • Energy Sector: Throughout the energy sector—oil, gas, renewable energy, and more—pipe-bending machines help construct the infrastructure and meet the specific requirements for pipelines, wind turbine frames, and solar panel components.


"We needed to resize 200,000 ducts that were incorrectly manufactured. Time was a critical issue. The people at Huth were terrific. They delivered four machines in one day, and we were in full production in 48 hours. The machines were easy to use for new operators and were very consistent and precise in the resizing process."—Jonathan, Globalflex in Massachusetts


Dependable Pipe Benders for Industry

Huth pipe bending machines simplify the bending process. While industrial manufacturing is challenging, our American-made bending and forming machines make it easier and more efficient.

Bending machines provide consistent, rapid production of pipe configurations. Manual labor is no match for the accuracy and streamlining of a Huth bender. Minimize welded joints and points of weakness, and reduce material waste and the associated labor costs and time.

Huth Ben Pearson machines can make extremely accurate bends and end forms, adhering to strict tolerance levels in critical applications such as aerospace, automotive, and other industries. Each component fits perfectly within the assembly, reducing the risk of leaks and system failures. By replicating exact bends or end forms, you’ll get consistency across batches for quality mass production.

Speed, efficiency, and precision—Huth benders are invaluable assets for industrial manufacturing. Quickly adapt to changes in design or demand, meeting just-in-time practices and reducing inventory costs. Our machines keep you agile and adaptable, with reliable components for the toughest jobs. Additional tooling is available for all your needs.

If you need information about custom fabrication and industrial applications for our pipe and tube benders, reach out today! Our friendly team is happy to go the extra mile to satisfy our customers!

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