MC59 Pipe Bender

MC59 Bender


  • Bend depth capacity of 180° on a 5" radius
  • Unique die design eliminates the possibility of radius die locking behind the back shoe
  • Bending capability through 3"
  • Quick-change, color-coded dies for ultimate convenience and efficiency
  • The MC59 has a spring-loaded die carriage
  • Precise bends with the knee-controlled ram die
  • Energy-efficient dual-stage hydraulic pump
  • Automatic depth-of-bend, retraction of ram die, and motor cut-off
  • 220-volt single phase, 60-cycle (three-phase, 50-cycle, and other voltages are also available)
  • The MC59 has a heavy-duty 4 HP motor built to last
  • We offer an array of tooling sold separately

Are you looking to expand the capacity of your shop? The Huth-Ben Pearson MC59 Pipe Bender is convenient, energy-efficient, and easy to use. From standard pipe bending to pattern bending, the Huth MC59 is versatile while still being compact and mobile.

Ideal for automotive applications, the Huth-Ben Pearson MC59 Pipe Bender can help you bend and shape exhaust piping in many different configurations. With a 180° bend depth on a 5” radius, this pipe bender can increase your output and efficiency with ease. 

Huth-Ben Pearson MC59 Pipe Bender

The MC59 Ben Pearson Bender from Huth-Ben Pearson is truly the ultimate in bender technology. The MC59 pipe bender is popular for its versatility, ease of use, and efficiency. With convenient color-coded dies and automatic depth-of-bend, retraction of ram die, and motor cut-off, the MC59 Ben Pearson Bender is straightforward and user-friendly.

Incorporating state-of-the-art pipe bending technology, the MC59 leads the industry in operator convenience features: 180° bend on a 5" radius, 3" bending capability, and a rugged electrical and hydraulic system that will perform over the long haul. Plus, the MC59 offers two end-of-pipe systems for quick and easy operation. 

Pattern-bend with ease using the MC59 Pipe Bender. If a bending card isn't available for a particular automobile or application, remove the tail or exhaust pipe and easily duplicate it. The MC59 Pipe Bender is ideal for rebuilds as well as new projects. 

The MC59 Ben Pearson Bender from Huth-Ben Pearson is truly the leader in the exhaust service repair industry

MC59 Tooling, Related Parts, & Downloads

Tooling for the MC59 is sold separately. Explore the tooling, parts, and operation details below to learn everything you need to know about the Huth-Ben Pearson MC59 Pipe Bender. 

  • MC59 Tooling: If you’re looking to increase the capacity of your Huth-Ben Pearson MC59 Pipe Bender, explore the many compatible die sets and packages. Get the output you need with additional dies and swagers. 
  • Related Parts: If you need replacement or repair components for your Huth-Ben Pearson MC59, you can find them below. Keep your MC59 in optimal shape with regular maintenance.
  • Downloads & Manuals: Want to get the most out of your MC59 Pipe Bender? The operating manual and product catalog are featured below. Explore them to discover more about how to use the MC59 Pipe Bender, including die changes and pattern bending.