1674 Broad Range Tube Expander



  • The 5 HP motor is available in single-phase (30 amp) or three-phase (20-amp).
  • Runs on 220 volts, 60 Hz supply. 50 Hz and other voltages are available.
  • The 3-1/2" cylinder produces 25,000 lbs of expanding power.
  • The 5" cylinder produces 49,000 lbs of expanding power.
  • Easy to move with front swivel casters.
  • Large tray for tool storage and easier access.
  • Features Huth’s AccuSizer™ automatic, preset expanding system for quick, precise pipe and tube expansion each and every time.
  • Includes a 15' power cord with male and female receptacles.

VIDEO: Watch a demonstration of the broadest range of expanding capabilities with the 1674 Broad Range Tube Expander!

Power and Portability with the Huth 1674

Are you looking for an easy and mobile tube-expanding solution for your shop? The Huth 1674 Broad Range Tube Expander is an excellent selection for many different applications. Dual cylinders do more.

With the Huth's Model 1674 portable expander, you can take tube expansion to any corner of your facility with ease. Mounted on a smooth wheeling cart with front swivel casters, the Huth 1674 is built for use on the go.

Do More with the Huth 1674 Broad Range Expander

The portable Huth 1674 Broad Range Expander equips you to use all existing Huth expanding tooling. This compact machine packs a punch! Featuring a 3 ½” and a 5” cylinder, the Huth 1674 lets you expand tubing with ease and accuracy.

Expand tubing from 3" up to, and larger than, 6" in diameter and 3" deep—work with mild steel, stainless steel, and more. Create a slip fit in seconds flat. You'll increase the productivity of your shop with greater expansion capacity!

The 074 Die package is an ideal accompaniment to the 1674 broad range tube expander. The package includes 3 arbors, and 10 segment tools to allow you to expand 1 ½” to 6”.

The Huth 1674 includes the 41047 Huth AccuSizer™ adjustable collar for the 3 ½” cylinder. It also includes the 527 adjustable collar with the 528 collar extension for the 5” cylinder.

The large, roomy tray allows you to organize and store all your tooling within easy reach. Tube expansion just got more efficient! Wheel the Huth 1674 to any spot in your shop where you need robust tube and pipe-expanding abilities!

If you need to customize cylinder sizes or other aspects of the machine, or are in need of custom tooling, just let us know!

Questions about the Huth 1674? We’ve got answers! Reach out to our team today to learn everything you need to know about this powerful, broad-range machine.

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