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When an application demands precision bends, rely on Huth machines.

In the aerospace industry, precision and innovation are paramount for every aspect of the manufacturing process. Shaping and assembling components for aerospace systems that require strict, repeatable end forms with no margin for error.

The Many Aspects of Aerospace Pipe Forming

Huth machines are dependable—often for many decades, performing necessary tasks for some of the most sensitive industries, including aerospace applications. From exhaust fuel systems to airframe construction, forming metal is a big part of the process, and Huth is there to do it right from the first time.

Transporting fluids and gasses throughout the vehicle demands optimal flow and fit, especially in confined, specifically designed spaces. Formed tubes require high-strength compression bending for tight tolerances. 

Cooling and exhaust systems require efficiency and exacting fabrication. Aerospace engines and electronic systems generate a lot of heat that must be piped away from the critical components. Formed lines and tube systems protect the plane, moving chemicals throughout the vehicle with pinpoint accuracy. Exhaust gases need to move away from the vehicle safely. These delicate tasks call for complex geometries that can only be achieved with quality end forming machines.


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Huth Handles Aerospace Materials

In aerospace, materials need to be lightweight and strong—think titanium, stainless steel, and high-grade aluminum alloys. Our American-made end forming machines can make custom end forms in these materials that minimize stress and strain on pipes and prevent cracks, deformations, and weakness. Each piece must meet stringent standards, as stainless steel tubes play a vital role in industrial applications for space and aircraft. Top-quality end forming is vital.  

During the design and development of aerospace components, prototypes are often made to test designs pre-production. End forming machines are ideal for the prototyping process, producing samples for testing and evaluation. Aircraft manufacturers and aerospace engineers can use these prototypes to refine designs and gather real-world data.

From the first concept to the final product, Huth machines allow you to form tubing in complex shapes with structural integrity. They offer a level of precision and high quality that meet the industry standard for exact bends in structural components. 

Huth Ben Pearson end forming machines deliver consistent, reliable performance with a wide range of tooling for precision end forming, swaging, and more. Explore our portfolio to find machines to meet even the highest standards of aerospace manufacturing. Reach out for advice and to learn more about any of our products.