1690 Benchtop Tube Expander

1690 - final updated pic march 2019


Features of the Huth-Ben Pearson 1690 Benchtop Tube Expander

  • Hands-free operation with foot pedal activation.
  • Standard capacity from 1½” to 3½” pipe and tube.
  • Capacity from 1” to 5½” with additional tooling.
  • Powerful 2 HP motor is available in 110V, 30 Amp or 220V, 20 Amp. The motor runs on both 50Hz and 60Hz.
  • 25,000 lbs of expanding power.
  • Features Huth’s AccuSizer™ system for quick, precise tube expansion every time.
  • Built-in tool tray for convenient and easy access to tooling.
  • The 1690 Benchtop Tube Expander features a compact 12”x 20”x 24” design.
  • Includes a 10’ power cord with male and female receptacles.
  • Includes: 572 and 573 solid piece arbors as well as 472, 474, 475, 476, and 477 segment sets. 
  • Create custom brackets with Huth’s Rod Bracket Bender (optional).

Compact, Hands-Free 1690 Benchtop Tube Expander from Huth-Ben Pearson

Are you looking to expand the capacity of your shop? Then the Huth-Ben Pearson 1690 Benchtop Tube Expander is a great addition. With a compact design and hands-free activation, you can easily expand pipe to fit in a matter of seconds. 

Perfect for any work environment, the 1690 Benchtop Tube Expander comes with 5 useful tools to help you expand your product portfolio and possibilities. It's an excellent product for creating slip bits and expanding the end of a tube to slide perfectly into a tube of the same size.

We offer segmented tooling for your 1690 Benchtop Tube Expander, so you can make 45-degree flairs, ball joints, and more. If you want to increase your output, the 1690 Benchtop Tube Expander works fast, reliably, and efficiently every time. 

The Huth-Ben Pearson 1690 Benchtop Expander’s compact design allows it to fit on your benchtop while the foot pedal gives you hands-free operation. It’s perfect for automotive applications, allowing you to quickly and easily size muffler end tubes and pipes. The 1690 pipe expander is also perfect for manufacturing applications, with the ability to quickly and easily expand tube and pipe for any specific needs. No matter the application, the Huth-Ben Pearson 1690 Benchtop Expander can meet your needs.

The 1690 comes with all the tooling needed for expanding capacity from 1½” to 3½”. Additional tooling gives you expanding capacity from 1” to 5½”. The 1690 includes 572 and 573 Solid Piece Arbors as well as 472, 474, 475, 476, and 477 Segment Sets.

The 1690 Benchtop Tube Expander is the perfect tool for any work environment. This is an ideal machine if you're ready to increase your output and expand your capabilities. 

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