1691 Portable Tube Expander

1691- final updated picture march 2019


  • Huth's Model 1691 offers hands-free operation with foot pedal activation.
  • Create custom brackets with Huth-Ben Pearson’s 985 Rod Bracket Bender (optional).
  • Offers standard tube and pipe expanding capacity from 1-1/2" to 3-1/2".
  • Increase expanding capacity from 1" to 5-1/2" with additional tooling.
  • The Huth-Ben Pearson 1691 has a powerful 2 HP motor. Available in 110v, 30 amp or 220v, 20 amp.
  • Provides a whopping 25,000 pounds of tube and pipe-expanding power.
  • Features Huth’s AccuSizer™ system.
  • Includes a built-in tool tray for easy access to tooling.
  • Compact 24" x 23" x 39" design—perfect for any shop or facility.
  • Rugged cart for maximum portability.
  • Includes 572 and 573 Solid Piece Arbors and 472, 474, 475, 476, and 477 Segment Sets.

Huth-Ben Pearson 1691 Portable Tube Expander

Are you looking to maximize your shop’s output? The Huth-Ben Pearson 1691 Portable Tube Expander offers massive expanding power in a compact, convenient machine—work hands-free with foot pedal activation. 

Just wheel the 1691 Portable Tube Expander where you need it for easier access and experience the outsized 25,000 pounds of pipe and tube expanding power. Thanks to a powerful 2 HP motor and 110v or 220v options, you can rely on the Huth Model 1691 to deliver with plenty of oomph. Ideal for the auto industry, the Huth Model 1691 allows you to quickly and easily size muffler end tubes and pipes.

The Huth-Ben Pearson 1691 Portable Tube Expander includes the tooling for expanding capacity from 1½” to 3½”. Need even greater expanding abilities? Get more with additional tooling for your Huth Model 1691 to give you the expanding capacity from 1” to 5½”. Add Huth’s 985 Rod Bracket Bender to create custom brackets easily. That's a whole lotta expanding power and capacity with a compact footprint.

Huth's Model 1691 Portable Tube Expander features a rugged cart that can withstand wear and tear (and abuse). The built-in tool tray is ultra-convenient—keeping all the tools you need within easy access to help you stay organized and efficient.

The Huth-Ben Pearson 1691 Pipe Expander includes parts and pieces to maximize your tube and pipe expanding capacities. Included with the portable expander machine are part numbers 572 and 573 solid piece arbor, as well as 472, 474, 475, 476, and 477 segment sets.

Questions about selecting the right pipe and tube expanders for your shop? Our friendly representatives are happy to help! Reach out today to request a quote or get more information on the 1691 or of the excellent products in the Huth-Ben Pearson portfolio.

Huth's Model 1691 Portable Tube Expander Tooling Packages, Related Parts, & Downloads

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