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Expander Sleeves

Expander Sleeves
Expander Sleeves

Create Expansions quickly and easily with expander sleeves! Our Huth expander sleeves are ideal for less frequent expansions where you don't want to invest in a case-hardened segmented expander tool. Simply slide the expander sleeve over your current 3" segment set and use it like any other segment.

The new Huth Expander sleeves fit over your existing tooling. All the expander components are designed to fit over Huth, Ben Pearson, and BendPak 3” segment sets (H476, BP761550, and PKSS300) and will create the ID listed in the tool description.

No. Product Description  
9001-35  3 1/2" Expander Sleeve
9001-40  4" Expander Sleeve
9001-45  4 1/2" Expander Sleeve
9001-50 5" Expander Sleeve