Huth Tooling for BendPak® Machines

A collection of Huth-made tooling for BendPak® bending machines. The components are on a white background in shades of silver-colored steel.

Huth Tooling for BendPak® Machines

Looking for BendPak® tooling? Huth has made reliable tooling fitted to BendPak® machines for many years. Our customers demanded the reliability of Huth, and we delivered. 

Huth tooling is machined in America, meeting specific engineering tolerances from solid steel. Once we manufacture the components, they are gas-carburized and oil-quenched to a minimum hardness of 58 Rockwell “C” scale. The bending dies, back shoes, and expander tooling allow you to bend pipes and tubes reliably time after time. 

We offer square tooling for use with square and rectangular pipes and tubes, allowing you to expand the use of your BendPak® machine. We also offer swager tools that can adapt your machine for use with the Huth Swager to create ends and fittings for your pipe. 

All Huth BendPak® machine tooling is readily available from shelf stock. We also have the ability to manufacture custom tooling to your specification for sizes not listed in this schedule. So, if you need BendPak® tooling, accessories, or updates, reach out to Huth Ben Pearson today and we can help make it happen. 

BendPak® is a registered trademark of BendPak, Inc.

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