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From Livestock Handling Equipment to Fences to Irrigation, Huth Benders Support Agriculture.

Our pipe and tube bending machines play a crucial role in the agriculture industry, especially when it comes to the fabrication and assembly of farming structures and equipment.

Pipe Bending for Agriculture Applications

Pipe bending, fabrication, and end forming are crucial tasks for agriculture. Whether you need to bend fence or gate components, or repair or modify your agriculture equipment, you can do it with Huth Ben Pearson equipment.

Our pipe benders are used throughout the agriculture industry for many innovative applications for bending metal and stainless steel in agricultural equipment. With years of experience in custom bending for agriculture, Huth has solutions for your toughest problems. Here are several essential ways the agriculture industry uses pipe and tube bending machines from Huth.

Fencing Fabrication and Bending

They say good fencing makes good neighbors, and that’s certainly the truth in agriculture. Your fencing protects your property, crops, and your livestock. You can’t afford the risk of faulty equipment, fencing, or gates that don’t do their job. Relying on Huth benders helps ensure that you can make any custom bends to meet design and space requirements.

Most fencing is made from galvanized and mild steel piping that’s 1 ¾”-2 3/8” OD. If you’re constructing a new fence or customizing metal pipes for gating, Huth benders allow you to customize the creation of fencing to follow the contours of your land and meet design requirements.

Livestock Handling Equipment Customization 

Pipe bending machines help livestock professionals form pipe for all sorts of animal handling equipment, including chutes, gates, and racks. Feeding structures require specialized bends. The pipe and tubing used in trailer equipment require pipe and tube fabrication.

When you're working with limited space and large animals, adjustments will need to be made to pens, housing, and chutes. The tubes and pipes are strong and stable…but difficult to adjust without proper bending equipment. Huth has you covered with portable and large-scale pipe and tube bending machines that make your tough job a little easier.

Farm Equipment Systems Adjustment and Repair

For every job, there’s a tool or machine to help you get it done. Your farm equipment and machinery—tractors, plows, harvesters, and more—may require modification and repair. If you need to replace bent metal components on a tractor frame or modify a plow attachment, Huth machines can make it simple to upgrade or repair heavy machinery. Huth Ben Pearson equipment can also help you make saddle racks and equipment racking.


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Structures and Custom Fabrication

Greenhouses, barns, and other structures on your property stand firm with metal frames. Any repairs or adjustments to those heavy-duty steel frames call for high quality pipe and tube bending machines that perform the task quickly and efficiently.

Shape and bend mental pipe into frames and support structures. Create sturdy, reliable structures that can withstand weather, wear and tear. Customize frames to build out and expand greenhouses, barns, and other buildings. Even intricate bending is easy with Huth. 

Irrigation System Management

Pipe and irrigation go hand-in-hand. Metal pipe end forming can help you maintain your irrigation systems. 

Piping is the lifeblood of agriculture. The ability to move water and other necessities throughout your property calls for customization and adjustments on the fly. Pipes can have various wall thickness and sizing. You can get it done with Huth end forming equipment.

Conveyor Systems Modification

For grain handling, food processing, and other agricultural applications, pipe-bending machines let you fabricate and modify conveyor systems. Moving large amounts of crop quickly and efficiently means you may have to make alterations.

Whether moving product from the field to the processing facility or into storage, a Huth bending machine is a critical tool to help you with the job. Our versatile tools support the agriculture industry to maximize functionality.

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For equipment, the 1673’s forming capacity makes it one of our top machines. For pipe and tube bending, you need a machine with bend selection for repeat performance. If you need assistance selecting the right Huth machine for your agriculture application, reach out today! Expand your capacity with additional parts and components for our machines.

With top-tier customer service and cutting-edge technology, we're ready to meet the unique challenges of bending different tube for agricultural products. We carry a wide range of products to meet your specific needs. Even complex shapes and bends are possible with our machines. 

Our team of experts will help you explore the capacities and specs of each of our machines so you can choose the best fit for your needs. Get more done with Huth.