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Carports and Other Building Structures

Build strong structures and shelters with the help of Huth benders.

Tube benders play a critical role in manufacturing carports and similar shelter structures. From tents and greenhouses to traditional steel frame carports, many simple structures consist of a metal framework with a series of deliberate, precise bends.

Critical Structural Integrity

Carports range in complexity—from open-sided structures with just a roof to more detailed structures with exterior panels and enclosed sides. One thing all structures have in common, from RV carports to boat lifts, is the need to withstand weather, sustained winds, and the elements to protect the contents.

Structural integrity is a must when those contents are someone's precious vehicle. Carport manufacturers know that when they put their name on fabrication work, they want accuracy and reliability that only come from the exceptional capabilities of a Huth pipe and tube bender. Bend square tubing and create beautiful frame systems from steel tubing with Huth.

The metal framework of a carport may be made of steel or aluminum tubing. Metal tube benders help you create specific shapes and angles for a frame's design. The consistency of these bends is vital for maintaining the structure's safety. A Huth machine is invaluable for manufacturers who need to produce the same precision bends over and over. And the bends are stronger than the original tube.

Carport roofs are often arched or pitched with shapely eave bends. When rain, sleet, or snow hits the roof frames, the water runs right off, so it won't weigh down the building and cause damage. Tube bends must be consistent and uniform to ensure the pitch is exact and follows all design specifications.

But beyond functionality, aesthetics are also important, especially for carports in residential and commercial settings. An unsightly carport can stick out like a sore thumb when it should blend seamlessly with existing architecture and complement the surroundings. Get the beautiful curves and designs to structure a carport with curb appeal.

"My Huth Bender is simple to run, bends consistently, and is easy to set up." – Chris, Watson Carports in Tennessee

Custom Options, Uncompromised Durability

A Huth bender protects your reputation. When manufacturing a product like a carport or storage structure, you may need to offer customers different styles, sizes, and functionality. Huth benders allow manufacturers to create custom-designed carports that accommodate different customers' dimensions and design preferences with superior construction and high-quality materials.

Variations in design and metal shaping should never compromise durability. Properly bent tubes shouldn’t crimp or weaken the structure. The tube frames of a well-built carport should withstand weather and even an accidental impact. Huth bending machines help you ensure that there’s no loss of stability when bending metal tubes, offering a much stronger bend… the bent area is actually the strongest part of the tube.

Accurate bends are easier for your team and your customers to work with. Tubes must fit together as designed with the best-suited expansion and end finishes. Whether customers are building structures on their own or a construction team is tackling the project, each properly bent pipe and tube helps reduce the incidence of installation errors.

Consistent pipe and tube bends help you cut out waste during the manufacturing process. Rapidly, consistently, and accurately bend the pipe and tube you need for your products while reducing labor costs and wasted materials.

Contact our helpful team if you're trying to decide which bending machine is right for your carport manufacturing operation. We can help you choose the right tooling and accessories, too. Get the best machine to increase output and protect your reputation for high-quality carport manufacturing with Huth-Ben Pearson.