Tube Expanders & Swagers

Swage, expand or reduce tubing anywhere for flexible creative affordable tube connecting

  • Multiple models on easy wheeling carts or compact stands … handheld bench top portable for shops work-cell operations.
Expanders and Swagers
Expanders and Swagers
Expanders and Swagers

Create the end form shapes you need to allow high-performance connections 

Tube fabricators understand that often tubes need to be connected in creative ways to achieve the needed performance. Do you need your connection to be secure and flexible at the same time? Are the variables you are facing complex or simple? Huth expanders and swagers allow you to create the end form shapes that allow these connections to happen!

  • Form slip joints, flares/flat flares, ball joints, deep swage expansions and reductions.
  • Expanding capacity from 1" to 6“, through 12” with custom tooling.

Huth Expanders and Swagers are:

  • Easy to use! Huth’s Accu-Sizer™ system for quick, precise expanding every time.
  • Sturdy, well thought out, with built-in tool trays for easy access to tooling.
  • Comes with tooling!  (1685, 1690, 1691 models only)  And more special and custom tooling is available!
  • Have up to 49,000 lbs of Expanding Power (framed models only)

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Expander and Swager Market leaders:

Expanders and Swagers Model 1673: Portable Expander- Reducer for versatile end forming

  • Expands and reduces! Swage box allows reductions up to 3 inch and solid tool expansions.
  • A powerful 5 HP motor, single-phase (30 amp), or 3-phase (20 amp)
  • Runs on 220 volt, 60 Hz supply. 50 Hz and other voltages available
  • Expanding capacity from 1” to 5½”
  • Features Huth’s Accu-Sizer™ automatic, preset expanding system for quick, precise expanding each and every time 

1685S Mitey Mate Jr… 18,500 lbs of expanding force right in your hand

  • Small but powerful, the Mitey Mate Jr expander is ideal for making flares*, ball joints†, and slip connections wherever you need to work … under a vehicle, in a work cell or on the bench.
  • Set to operate at 3200 psi (shop air pressure between 80 and 120 psi maximum**)
  • 1½” to 3” I.D. mufflers and pipes (3½“-4” capability with additional tooling)
  • Expander weighs only 7 pounds
  • Handy storage unit holds the expander, four segment sets and one of the two detachable arbor tips  **Air regulator included in package 
Specifications, features and product designs are subject to change: please confirm before ordering.