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Trailer Manufacturing

Huth’s Relationship with Trailer Manufacturing Goes Back Over 25 Years.

One of our longest-term industries served is the trailer manufacturing industry. We’ve worked with some of our trailer customers for decades (and they have the Huth Bending machines to prove it). Why does the trailer manufacturing industry love Huth? Here’s why they rely on Huth benders.

Trailers Cover a Lot of Territory

The trailer industry encompasses a wide range of products. From boat frame lifts and trailers, wave runners, snowmobile and ATV trailers, utility trailers, livestock trailers, and industrial trailers, Huth serves most with pipe and tube bending equipment.

Our quick and efficient ram-style bending is ideally suited to trailer frames. Whether the framing material is square, rectangular, round or c-channel, Huth Equipment provides the power and versatility needed.

We’re a proud member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers. Thanks to our long-term relationship with trailer manufacturing, we understand fabrication of trailer pipe and tubing. Learn more about our relationship with NATM here.

The radius of the bends in the trailer industry is different than the standard in other industries. These specialized bends may require customization and modification, something that a Huth pipe bender excels at. A Huth tubing bender can bend metal tubes, square tubing, round tubes, and more.

Here are just some of the ways that Huth benders assist with the trailer industry.

Frame Fabrication

Pipe bending machines are vital for creating the main frames for trailers, including the chassis and longitudinal members. The ability to bend pipes with precision will ensure that the trailer frames you manufacture are structurally sound and meet your design specifications.

For OEMs in trailer manufacturing, the ability to make bends in-house and control your product components is crucial. When your name is on a product, you need to it be reliable and exact. Huth delivers with frame fabrication to your specifications.

If your trailers carry cargo like livestock, you may need additional bed support structures and overhead support structures. Pipe bending machines allow you to create support components to protect and transport your cargo safely and securely.

Thinking Outside the Guardrails

Huth benders allow you to manufacture guardrails to exact specifications. You can also create specialty racks and platforms as needed for your customers.

Shape tubing for routing pipes and cables within the trailer fabrication. Properly routed tubes for cables and wiring ensure the functionality and safety of the trailer. For components that require unique bends and shapes, Huth benders are dependable. 

Each part of a trailer is critical for the safety and integrity of the product. If building trailers is your business, you need machining and tooling that meets your high-quality standards. Trust Huth, a leader in the business with the experience to deliver.

Trailers are Unique, and So are Huth Benders

The Machine Quality is outstanding, the assembly and attention to detail is brilliant! I'd personally like to thank everyone involved in the manufacturing down to the precise alignment of the stickers. American Made Pride at its Best. Excellent Job!! Much Obliged! – Norman, Skillset Fabrication

From livestock to marine recreation, trailers serve many different purposes. Different applications require different designs and different custom pipe and tube bending.

In trailer manufacturing, the shape and specs of tubing can vary. There are rectangular tubing components, round tubing and piping, and varying thicknesses and materials. Bend them all with Huth Ben Pearson International. We carry the add-ons and custom components you need to maintain and expand the capacity of your machines as well.

Get powerful machines with precision bending. Our machines have user-friendly features, including ergonomically designed knee control, operator hands-free control, an automatic depth-of-bend selector, and the ability for an array of custom pipe bending options. Get accurate bends every time with your desired angle. 

We love custom tube challenges, too. If you have an idea, reach out to our team to discuss it. We have years of experience with real-world applications to help you troubleshoot any design. We'll also help you navigate the world of pipe and tube benders to find the perfect solution for your trailer build.

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