New Products from Huth Benders!

Constant commitment to research and development, creativity and innovation are important values at Huth Ben Pearson International.

We listen to our customer’s needs and create new products to help our customers increase their overall production, improve efficiency, and make money!

Huth Tooling For BendPak Bender

New Huth Quality Tooling for your BendPak® Bender

Now You Can Have High Quality, High Performance Tooling From Huth For Your Non-Huth bender!

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Fabrication Bender 2650

New Fabrication Bender- Model 2650

Simple. Tough. Powerful. Fast Working.

Great for manufacturing… Trailers, Fencing/gates, 
Pole barns, Carports, Sporting equipment, Farm 
structures (feed rings, panels, saddle racks), Boat 
frames-lifts, Industrial racking … to name just
a few!

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Manual Rod Bender

New Manual Rod Bender

Saves You Money!

Part Number: HMRB6017

This handy tool provides a quick and easy solution for bending up to 3/8” rod using the rotation leverage of a ½” pin. Bend up to ¼” x 1” flat stock.

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Dual Header Vertical Expander 1674V

New Dual Header Vertical Expander 1674V

Expand Big, Broad, and Quick!

  • Two expander cylinders oriented vertically makes expansions quicker and easier to produce.
  • New, larger oil tank ... 4 gal capacity lets you work harder and longer.
  • Broad range of expansions and end form shapes.
  • Can expand to 12” with appropriate special tooling.
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Dead Stop Positioning System

New Dead Stop Positioning System

Swaging Positioning System attachment makes running repeated parts quicker!

  • Supports tubing for swaging with defined end point.
  • Makes repeated parts quicker and easier to produce.
  • Reduces collet marks!
  • Buy with bender or model 1673 expander-reducer, or to use with your existing Huth bender or swager.
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Punch and Dimple Die Arbor Kit

New Punch and Dimple Die Arbor Kit

Make sheet metal holes & dimples easy!

Punch and dimple die tooling is common in shops for holes in sheet metal, or to add strength-enhancing dimples. These arbors + your punch & dimple dies make the Mitey Mate Jr (#1685S) a powerful sheet metal punch. Powered by shop air!

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