1674V Vertical Dual-Headed Expander

1674V Vertical


  • Two vertically-oriented expander cylinders in 3 ½ and 5 inches. 
  • A sturdy 5 HP motor is available in single-phase (30 amp) or three-phase (20-amp).
  • Huth 1674V runs on 220 volts, 60 Hz supply. 50 Hz and others are also available.
  • The 3-1/2" cylinder packs a punch with 25,000 lbs of expanding power.
  • The 5" cylinder has an impressive 49,000 lbs of expanding power.
  • Includes a 4-gallon capacity oil tank.
  • Portable with easy-to-move front swivel casters.
  • Includes a large tray for tool storage.
  • Features Huth’s AccuSizer™ automatic, preset expanding system for precise pipe and tube expansion.
  • The machine includes a 15' power cord with both male and female receptacles.

VIDEO: See Huth handle the broadest range of tube expansions with the 1674V!

Harness the Power of Gravity with the 1674V Vertical Dual Headed Expander

Our 1674 broad-range expander is one of our most versatile machines, but we wanted to increase the expansion options. So, we took our 1674 and tipped our expanding cylinders up to harness the power of gravity in supporting your tube and pipe.

Dual cylinders do more, and with the 1674V portable expander, you’ll get the ease and mobility of our 1674, too. We mount the machine on a wheeled cart with smooth front swivel casters. Take it anywhere in your shop—easy to reach with no stress!

Get it Done with the Huth 1674V Vertical Dual-Headed Expander

Just like the Huth 1674, the Huth 1674V Vertical Dual-Headed expander allows you to increase your options with our wide range of expanding tooling. The powerful 3 ½“ and 5" cylinders help you easily expand tube and pipe to your preferred size. Boost your productivity and your bottom line. 

Take 3” tubing to 6” in diameter and 3” deep. With custom tooling, the 1674V can expand up to an astonishing 12” for larger diameter tubing! That’s a lot of expanding capacity.

The Huth's model 1674V works with stainless steel, mild steel, and many other metals. You can create a perfect end-form shape for an ideal slip fit in moments. Boost your team's productivity and output when you get gravity on your side with vertical expansion.

The Huth 1674V Dual-Headed expander includes our amazing 41047 Huth AccuSizer™ collar. The adjustable collar fits the 3 ½” cylinder. The machine also includes the 527 collar along with the 528 extension to fit the 5 inch cylinder.

Keep your useful tools organized with a good-sized built-in tray. Vertical tube expansion is the simple answer for truly EXPANDING the capacity of your shop.

If you want to do even more, the 074 Die package with three arbors and ten segment tools is an excellent addition to your 1674V. Need customization? We offer custom tooling and cylinder sizes—reach out and ask! We love a challenge, and customer satisfaction is our specialty.

1674V Tooling Packages, Related Parts, & Downloads

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